Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Spring Music Program

Wed Apr 9 (6 pm)

The fifth grade strings will perform at 6 p.m. followed by the fourth grade’s presentation of Music Matters by Teresa Jennings. It will be a wonderful night of celebrating music!

Spring Break

Mon-Fri Apr 14 - 18

School will be closed


In the News

Cold Stone Ice Cream Pies

Please check the Tuesday Folders page for the Cold Stone Ice Cream Pies order form. Cold Stone is one of Red Mill Elementary's Partners in Education. Ice Cream pies that normally sell for $13 each will be available for only $10 each. Simply fill in the form and return with payment to the school. More details are on the form. Orders are due by Nov. 20th.

Virginia Naturally School

Red Mill Elementary School has been recognized as a Virginia Naturally School this year, by the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Only 52 schools in the entire state of Virginia have received this recognition for their continued effort in supporting environmental conservation and stewardship.
Red Mill also received their 7th Pearl Award from Lynnhaven River Now and the VBCPS Sustainability Award. A special thank you for spearheading these efforts goes to Janice Clark (GRT) and Janice Hart (School Nurse).

Butterflies Released

Thank you to Marny Sanders, aka "The Butterfly Whisperer", for bringing many wonderful caterpillars to 9 of our Red Mill classes. Students learned about life cycles of the Monarch, Black Swallowtail, Giant Leopard, Apple Sphinx, Variegated Fritillary, and Spicebush caterpillars. After feeding and caring for their caterpillars, students enjoyed seeing them spin a chrysalis and then emerge as beautiful butterflies or moths.  Red Mill was delighted to be able to contribute to the continuation of this amazing life cycle. Marny Sanders shared with the students and teachers that, “The greatest majority of caterpillars never make it to the butterfly stage. You are wonderful caretakers by helping these amazing creatures live."
How exciting it was watching them flutter their wings, and take their first flights, as they were set free!

Successful Bone Marrow Drive

BounceBonesThank you to all who donated, swabbed, and spread the word. Red Mill Elementary's Bone Marrow Drive was a HUGE success! Student donations were turned into chances to bounce in a Bounce House. Bake sale goodies were sold and many cars were washed to add to the donations. Almost 300 people were swabbed and over $6,700 was raised to cover swabbing costs for Be The Match!!! http://bethematch.org/

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